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Covid-19 Message from Christine 6/14/2020

Hello everyone,
Well, I had a lengthy conversation with Jen O'Brien yesterday and unfortunately I have to postpone our return to play date to at least September 1.  As many of you know, our club belongs to ASHA who supplies our insurance on the ice.  Due to Co-vid, ASHA did not purchase summer program insurance, so if we were to start playing and someone was injured, they would not be covered and we could be open for a law suit.
USA hockey is stating no play until January, and both governing bodies are saying no travel or games against any teams until next Spring.
Additionally, there is that nasty Co-vid virus to deal with.  The insurance company is also writing a 2 part liability waiver that will include contact tracing reports.  There will be a two part waiver that will be in our re-registration packet which is NOT on the website yet so please don't rush to re-register. This waiver will include a liability release as well as a commitment to knowingly divulge 
if you have or are exposed to Co-vid that you will let me know so I can report it.
I understand how hard the impact of these policies are on our athletes, unfortunately even though the rink is open for practice and drills, I cannot risk a lawsuit or put our club at risk at any time for any situation. 
Just so you are aware there is public stick time that you can avail yourself to, which is not under the guidance of ASHA, but there will be no coaches or Condor management on-site, and it is not sanctioned or connected to the Condors in anyway.  You are on your own.  Should any coach wish to engage in stick time with any player(s), a waiver will need to be signed releasing the Condors of any responsibility.  Likewise this policy is also in effect should a coach decide to provide private lesson (paid or not) on their own time. that waiver is currently being written and will be posted on the website when available.
I am attaching the ASHA notification here, and hopefully we will be able to return to the ice soon. 
Best and stay safe,

Christine Gayles

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